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The gastroenterology service of Bella Vita provides, in beautiful surroundings, treatment of all digestive pathologies, including diseases of the stomach and of the colon, inflammatory bowel disease, and diseases of the liver, of the pancreas and of the biliary tract. Functional pathologies have a prominent place, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Finally, we hold in high importance the prevention and screening of colon cancer.

We therefore have a service that is perfectly adapted to gastroenterology of outpatients, with a preparation room before examinations, a large examination room, a recovery room with continuous monitoring of the parameters, and an office where we can discuss medical results.


We perform gastroscopies (examination of the stomach under sedative or not), proctology/rectoscopy/left sided colonoscopy examinations (anal fissures, haemorrhoids, constipation issues, etc.), total colonoscopies (examination of the colon) under sedative, the urea breath test to detect the presence of Helicobacter pylori in your stomach, as well as the lactose, fructose, glucose, or lactulose breath test that helps detect possible intolerance. Finally, we have also invested in the high-performance technology of the argon plasma laser that enables to cauterise lesions causing bleeding in the digestive system.


We recommend you meet the doctor who will be conducting your examination to determine how indicated it is, review your medication, discuss interrupting medication if necessary (and fill in the anaesthesia document), and finally to propose a colon preparation procedure that is adapted to your state of health.

If you have already undergone this examination, or if your referring physician has already provided you with the relevant instructions, you can download the preparation information and the anaesthesia question form, along with any consent form you have to provide and sign on the day of the examination.