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Appointments can be made by phone, by dialling 02-614 42 00, or online.
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Snoring, insomnia, tiredness, reduced vigilance, memory losses, headaches, irritability, depression, weight gain, inability to lose weight, marital conflicts, impotence... We spend about a third of our life sleeping or trying to find sleep.

Sleep helps us resume a normal state of vigilance, necessary to face another day. Some of us or people we know suffer greatly from sleep disorders.

Recent technological advances have enabled us to identify a wide range of sleep disorders and to monitor certain “daytime” illnesses during the night.

Indeed, it is becoming increasingly clear that cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, angina pectoris, decompensated heart failure), respiratory illnesses (chronic bronchitis, asthma), neurological diseases (epilepsy, restless legs syndrome, myoclonus, Parkinson’s disease), and psychiatric conditions are a nocturnal expression that occurs during a subconscious period of your life.