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Medical & paramedical centre
General & specialised medicine
Medical analyses laboratory

About the Bella Vita Medical Center



Being the reference local healthcare centre for Waterloo and the greater area of South Brussels.


The Bella Vita Medical Centre is a multidisciplinary centre providing high-quality proximity medical services, integrating with 1st and 2nd lines of care, in a relaxing setting implementing high-technology infrastructures on a human scale. We strive every day to place the patient at the heart of our preoccupations.


To achieve our goals, the Bella Vita Medical Centre must:

  • Excel in our care integration by means of healthcare pathways that combine general medicine, specialised medicine, dentistry, and paramedical specialists;
  • Make sure we are welcoming and attentive to all our patients, visitors, and staff;
  • Ensure our team of healthcare professionals offers high-quality treatment, implementing the latest technologies;
  • Follow, every day, an approach of continuous improvement;
  • Be a “Living Lab” to develop innovating projects in our healthcare offering and support services;
  • Encourage our patients to play an active role in their healthcare plan;
  • Directly refer our patients to in-house specialists.


  • Personal approach

  • Respect

  • Expertise

  • Efficiency

  • Cutting-edge medicine