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Trouver un médecin

Finding a doctor


Appointments can be made by phone, by dialling 02-614 42 00.
If we are unreachable... you can contact us by email at the following address: secretariat@bvmc.be
We will get back to you as soon as possible.


The Paediatrics waiting room is located on the 1st floor (waiting room n°5).



Paediatrics is a medical specialisation that examines the physiological and psychomotor development of children, and the many associated pathologies.

Doctors Davidovics and Cruysmans treat young patients, from birth to post-puberty age (0-18 years).

A child is a developing and constantly changing human being, who can be fragile at times, both physically and psychologically.

Paediatrics is healthcare adapted to children.

Our approach as specialised doctors consists in prevention through vaccination, and also through information (health, nutritional, and hygiene advice).

We also provide a breastfeeding assistance and psychological support.

We are attentive to children and their families so that we can together provide customised healthcare, adapted to every situation children face.