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Trouver un médecin

Finding an osteopath



Appointments can be made by phone, by dialling 02-614 42 00, or online.
To book an appointment online with your osteopath, please click the button under the picture of your doctor.


The Osteopathy waiting room is located on the 1st floor (waiting room n°4).


Osteopathy is part of manual medicine and concerns functional disorders, mainly musculoskeletal in nature, of the human body. Treatment is provided on one hand through bone segments (Thrust, Crack) and on the other hand through muscle segments (Trigger point, Mitchell technique…). However, collaboration with other healthcare providers is indispensable to achieve better results.
For an appointment with your osteopath, you do not need a medical prescription, as osteopathy is part of first-line medical professions. Your osteopathy sessions are reimbursed in an amount that varies depending on your health insurance.
Annelien Vierstraete, Dr of osteopathy, has graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (six-year course in the science faculty relating to motricity) and is also trained in paediatric osteopathy and in craniosacral osteopathy. You can come and consult with her about:
Pain in the back (neck pain, back pain, low back pain), in the pelvis, in the lower limbs (hip, knee, foot), in the upper limbs (shoulder, elbow, hand), headaches, and neurogenic pain (sciatica, occipital neuralgia). Disorders and pains of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), digestive pain, support for pregnant women, monitoring new-born babies (regurgitation, feeding issues, plagiocephaly, colic). Monitoring of athletes, etc.