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Arrival of Dr Carmelo Hernandez

Dr Hernandez

Dr Carmelo Hernandez will join our team of 4 GPs as from July 5 2021.

Dr Hernandez trained in general practice and qualified as a GP in 2016.
Interested in trauma, and wishing to further develop his technical skills, he went on to train in orthopaedic surgery.
He spent the next four years in hospital, mainly in the operating and emergency room.
Willing to return to a more holistic approach of patient care, he finally returned to general practice in 2020.
His current wish is to prevent disease, care for the patient and support everyone by joining the centre's team of like-minded general practitioners.

Dr Hernandez will take on new patients.

Do not hesitate to contact the secretariat on 02/614 42 01 or to make an appointment online (if you are a new general practice  patient at the centre, please contact the secretariat first).